1RU Solutions (Slider)

FSM-8+: 1RU Mixer by Formula Sound (Image)

The FSM-8 Plus is a 1RU, stereo, 8 channel mixer, which features 4 mic/line and 4 stereo line inputs; 2 of which can be switched to microphone.


FSM-10: 1RU Mixer by Formula Sound (Image)

The FSM-10 is a 10 channel, mono, 1RU mixer with 1 line and 9 microphone inputs.
The microphone inputs can be configured to line inputs.


[one_third_last padding=”0px 20px 0px 0px”]Shadow: 1RU Mixer by Formula Sound (Image)

The Shadow 1RU stereo mixer can be either a standalone mixer, or a backup mixer.




FSM-3: 1RU Mixer by Formula Sound (Image)

FSM-3 (Isolator):
The FSM3 is a three way isolator with very sharp roll off filters.


ASP-4 Mic Pre Amp by Formula Sound (Image)

ASP-4 (Mic Pre Amp):
The ASP4 is a 4-way microphone pre amp offering excellent sound quality.


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