FSM-3 1RU Isolator:

FSM-3 1RU Isolator by Formula Sound (Image)

The FSM 3 is a 3 band EQ isolator and is available in two versions.
The standard (or A version) has pots with centre detent which is 0dB and each band is adjustable between +6dB and “full kill”. The “B” version has no centre detent and 0dB is fully clockwise and fully anti-clockwise is “full kill”.


The FSM3 is a three way isolator with very sharp roll off filters (–48db/octave).

It features separate sub bass output with a selectable frequency and headphone monitoring of signal before and after the eq.


  • Distortion <0.01% @ +10dbu
  • Noise Floor <-100db

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FSM-3 1RU Isolator by Formula Sound

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