PM-100 Mixer: Professional, modular production mixing system:

The Formula Sound PM-100 mixer is essentially the successor to our award winning PM-80 and PM-90 mixers.

The PM-100 is a compact, modular, production mixing system which combines exemplary technical performance with the highest standards of mechanical engineering.
The chassis contains no electronics therefore upgrading to a larger chassis size is quite straightforward.


The PM-100 mixer is modular in construction available in 4, 8 or 12 channel sizes meaning it’s a very flexible solution for the very demanding installations.

Each input module has 2 separate input sections that can be configured to either line, RIAA or microphone. There are 2 auxiliary outputs, both of which can be configured pre or post fade.

The Output module has main, booth, zone, record and 2 aux’s all stereo. There are also sub bass and trigger outputs.

  • Adjustable voice over section.
  • Insert sockets on cross fade A & B, microphone and main program meaning signal effects can be introduced into several points.


  • Distortion <0.01% @ +10dbu
  • Eq +6db –25db @ 100, 1k, 10k Hz


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