System Protection & Noise Control (Slider)


Sentry MK2 by Formula Sound

Sentry MK2:
The Sentry MK2 works in conjunction with a relay or contactor and usually controls mains power.

It has been designed to solve some of the environmental noise problems encountered in entertainment venues and working areas.


Sentry Lite Cut Off Limiter by Formula Sound

Sentry Lite:
The Sentry Lite is a smaller version of the Sentry MK2, one of the most effective sound level control equipments on the market today.

The Sentry Lite offers a simple and reliable solution for controlling sound levels in entertainment venues and working areas.


AT-1 by Formula Sound (Image)

The AT-1 has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Sentry MK2 environmental control unit.

It is a stereo unit, designed to control the volume level by reducing the signal, which in turn reduces the sound being measured.


AVC-2 by Formula Sound

The AVC-2 is an intelligent, automatic volume control system and is incredibly simple to operate.

It has been designed in response to noise level regulations and demands from the trade for a level control unit which will work with any audio system.


AVC-2D by Formula Sound

The AVC-2D is an enhanced version of the AVC2 automatic volume control system, offering full control of music levels without compromising the audio quality.

This system offers analogue audio signal processing with digital control.


AVC-4 by Formula Sound

The AVC-4  is an automatic volume control system, which will control the level of 2 stereo channels to a maximum set level.

The AVC-4 is a dual version of the AVC 2, made up of 2 AVC2’s in a single 1ru case.


Guardian CX4 by Formula Sound

Guardian CX4 MK3:
The Guardian CX4 MK3 offers a fire alarm priority interface, in line with current fire and noise control regulations.

The system may be integrated with any existing or new sound installation where a priority override facility is required.


CX10 by Formula Sound

The CX10 is a ten-channel fire alarm priority interface which can allow a single channel priority signal to be routed into all channels of an audio system.

It can be linked to a fire alarm or any other system where 1 signal is required to take priority.