Sentry MK2 Cut Off Limiter:

Sentry MK2 by Formula Sound

The Sentry MK2 Cut Off Limiter is designed to monitor sound levels and provide a trigger when a preset sound level is exceeded.

The trigger will normally be used to trip a contactor removing the mains power supply to the music system.


The Sentry MK2 is a cut off limiter, it removes the mains power to any equipment supplied through the contactor.


  • With an adjustable measuring range from 85 to 125db every possible eventuality can be dealt with.
  • There are 4 weighting curves linear, C, A and bass there are also two different level settings.
  • A large led display shows the operator how loud the noise and is visible from a distance.
  • An internal or external microphone can be used to measure the noise level.

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Sentry MK2 Cut Off Limiter by Formula Sound

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