ASP-4 Mic Pre Amp

The ASP-4 mic pre amp is a 4 channel microphone preamplifier, each channel having balanced input and outputs on XLR connectors.

Features include, phantom power (48V or 18V), LF Filter, Mute, phase reverse, line level setting, 50dB gain range, volume control and level meter.



The ASP-4 Mic Pre Amp is a 4-way microphone pre amp offering excellent sound quality.

Features include:

Front panel controls, including phantom power, rumble filter, mute switches and volume control.
On the rear of the ASP4 there are phase shift and mic/line switches as well as the gain trim.
With ultra low noise figures the ASP4 is one of the quietest mic pre amps on the market.

Noise Floor

  • Distortion <0.005% @ +10dbu


Additional information

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