The features and layout of the FF-4.2 were determined in collaboration with leading loudspeaker manufacturers Funktion One.

The FF-4.2 has 4 channels; each channel has two inputs selectable by a push switch. There is also a fifth input which is the console microphone input.


The FF6.2 and FF4.2 were designed to be among the best analogue signal path mixers in the world.

The FF4.2 is the 4 channel version of the FF6.2, note the FF2.2 is based on the FF6.2/FF4.2 but the differences are more than just a reduction in channels and so the FF2.2 is covered separately.

Each channel has a 4 band full kill EQ plus variable frequency high and low pass filters in addition to the features usually expected.

Channels 1 and 2 (Channel 1 on FF4.2) have Mic and balanced line inputs, with channels 3 – 6 (on FF4.2 channels 2 – 4) having line or phono.

With a separate console MIC the FF6.2 effectively has 7 channels and the FF4.2 has 5 channels. The microphones on channel 1 and 2 (FF4.2 channel 1) can be assigned to be in or out of the booth (the console mic is always out of the booth).

Channels 1 & 2 (FF4.2 channel 1) have selectable compressors which can be useful for recording a mix or when using microphones.

For full details see the technical leaflet.


  • Distortion less than 0.01% at +10dB
  • Noise floor lower than -80dB with no input, faders down and master set for 0dB output.
  • Main master and booth outputs on XLR.


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Product Leaflet

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