FSM-10 1RU Mixer

The FSM-10 1RU mixer is a 10 channel, mono mixer in a 1RU package, designed to accept 9 inputs on XLR’s at Mic or Line level and the 10th on phono sockets at line level.

Phantom power is selectable for each of the 9 XLR inputs and there are gain trims and internal jumpers to set input gain for Mic or Line level.



The FSM-10 1RU Mixer is a 10 channel, mono mixer with 1 line and 9 microphone inputs.

  • The microphone inputs can be configured to line inputs.
  • Microphone phantom power (18 volts) is selectable through the front panel.
  • record output available via a 3-pole jack socket on the front panel.
  • The main output has a 2-band eq.


  • Noise EIN <-90dbu
  • Distortion <0.015% @ +10db


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