FSM-600 – Fixed Format Stereo Production Mixer:

The FSM-600 Mixer is a compact fixed format stereo production mixer. The design allows the unit to accept two microphone inputs and ten stereo music inputs.

Unlike the majority of fixed format mixers on the market all connectors are fitted to the back face which allows unrestricted access when the mixer is fitted through a work top or in a rack.


The FSM 600 Mixer is an installation mixer with 6 input channel providing 2 microphone and 10 stereo inputs is the ideal solution for many system requirements.

Four of the stereo inputs are selectable between line and RIAA.
Outputs include Main, Booth, Zone, record, auxiliary, trigger, and sub bass.


  • The input channels have 3 band EQ selectable for +-10, +-5 or no EQ.
  • Voice over facility and microphone compression selectable.
  • Music mute connection for possible fire alarm trigger.
  • Individual internal gain trims for reducing input signal to stop clipping.
  • Headphone monitoring with a split cue facility.
  • Assignable cross fade on channels 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Available in either red or black finish.


  • Distortion <0.02% typically <0.005%
  • Max Output level +20db
  • Eq set flat 20Hz-20kHz +-0.5db


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