Que-18 Foldback System

The Que-18 is the latest development in our range of foldback products.

Designed in conjunction with sound designers actively engaged in large musical theatre productions, it is a very versatile unit that contains many new features.



The Que-18 Foldback System was designed in conjunction with a major recording studio. It offers all the facilities demanded by today’s musicians and vocalists.

The QUE-18 can handle 18 audio inputs. These are arranged as 14 mono and 2 stereo channels.

The master section is arranged to provide:

  • 2 independent stereo phones outputs each with its own volume control.
  • A line output with master level control is available in mono or stereo.
  • Auxiliary buss output with master level control is available in mono or stereo.
  • An auxiliary input with level control connects directly to the output section.
  • A talk-back / communication function with internal or external microphone and full level adjustment is incorporated.
  • Each unit is self powered and may be configured to operate on either 110 / 220V ac A socket and dimmer control is provided to power a 12V working light (Littlite)

Each channel features:

  • Equalization in the form of Treble (HF) and Bass (LF) controls.
  • Auxiliary send control.
  • Factory setting post-fade but may be specified as pre-fade (internal jumpers).
  • Balance / Pan control.
  • Illuminated channel mute switch.
  • 60mm linear channel fader.
  • A concealed switch is fitted that allows channels to be removed from the line mixed output. (e.g. click track)
  • We also manufacture 8 channel (Que-8) and 10 channel (Que-10) versions for users requiring more flexibility.


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