Que-8 Foldback System

The Que-8 Foldback System is an 8 channel mixer offering all the features demanded by today’s musicians and vocalists.

It is designed to interface with the studio mixing console and is usually connected to auxiliary send outputs.



The Que-8 Foldback System was designed in conjunction with a major recording studio. It offers all the facilities demanded by today’s musicians and vocalists.

With one user friendly unit, the artiste can control what he or she wants to hear without wasting precious recording time. Built to Formula Sound’s enviable quality standards, studio managers can be sure that the Que-8 will deliver quality sound reliably, in both studio and touring situations.

Each channel has a 60mm fader to adjust the channel volume, and a rotary pan control to position the signal anywhere in the final stereo picture. The summed signals are fed via stereo, treble, bass and volume controls to the output sockets. Low, medium or high impedance headphones are catered for. The output stages use conservatively rated devices and custom wound transformers to provide the sparkling performance artistes love.

Local input sockets on the side of the unit are also provided to allow artistes to connect directly into the system.

We also manufacture 10 channel (Que-10) and 18 channel (Que-18) versions for users requiring more flexibility.


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